Draic Kin

After a long time of searching through potential names for this blog (“Haru’s Blog” was pretty clear from the beginning, but “haru” was already reserved) and nearly all of the names being registered at wordpress, I thought about the Draic Kin.

In case someone is not familiar with the term, it’s from The Longest Journey (TLJ) and its successor Dreamfall. Yes, computer games. The Draic Kin are dragons, four of them are mentioned in the games. I have to admit I love Dreamfall, even if some think of it more as a movie than an actual game, the world(s), the story, I love it. It has been my favorite game for several years now and I was finally able to play its predecessor TLJ, which explained several world and story points from the second game.

Being the last of a kind starts the search for equal companions, may they be dragons or not. Thoughts without the boundaries of most, that is a search I find worthy of my time.

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Posted by on April 12, 2011 in Games


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